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Appendix B

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Working papers:

         Optimal and Efficient Mechanisms with Asymmetrically Budget Constrained Buyers, with Alexei Boulatov (2018)

         Optimal Screening with Costly Misrepresentation, with Raymond Deneckere (2017)

         Mechanism Design with Ex-Post Individual Rationality and Budget Balance, with Joon Soon (2018)

         Screening, Signaling and Costly Misrepresentation, with Raymond Deneckere (2018)

         Dating and Divorce, with Li Hao (2018)

         Screening under Fixed Cost of Misrepresentation, with Yin Chi (Terry) Tam (2018)

         Influence Activities, Efficiency and Promotion in Organizations,(2011)

         Sustaining Cooperation through Delegation" (2009)

         Methods Of Multidimensional Screening, (2008)

         Sequential Auctions with Budget Constraints, with Thomas Jeitschko (2010)

Current Projects:

        Multidirectional Signaling, with B. Douglas Bernheim.

        Optimal Debate and Trial Structure, with Raymond Deneckere

        Consumer Choice with Ex-Ante and Ex-Post pricing, with Emiliano Cantonini

        Networks, Hubs and Competition in the Airline Industry, with Raymond Deneckere.

        Censorship and Sponsorship, with Timofyi Mylovanov

        Sequential Contracting with Endogenous Timing.

        Competition and Network Structure,  with Esteban Arcaute