Published Papers:


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Appendix B

·        An Efficient Solution to the Informed Principal Problem, Journal of Economic Theory, 141[1], pp. 114-133 (2008)

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·        Disclosure and Legal Advice (with Yeon-Koo Che), American Economic Journal – Micro, accepted (2016)


Working papers:


·       Optimal Mechanism with Budget Constrained Buyers, 2016, (with Alexei Boulatov)

·      Optimal Screening with Costly Misrepresentation, 2014, (with Raymond Deneckere)

·        A Method to Solve a Class of Two-Dimensional Screening Problems (with Raymond Deneckere) – COMING SOON

·        ‘Ex-Post Individually Rational Mechanisms,’ with Joon Song (2008)

·        ‘Can Lower Prices Signal High Quality: A Two-Period Model of Quality Signaling,’ (2005).

·        ‘Influence Activities, Efficiency and Promotion in Organizations,’(2006)

·        ‘Sustaining Cooperation through Delegation" (2005)

·        ‘Methods Of Multidimensional Screening,’ (2008)

·        ‘Sequential Auctions with Budget Constraints,’ with Thomas Jeitschko (2008)


Current Projects:


·        ‘Multidirectional Signaling,’ with B. Douglas Bernheim.

·        ‘Optimal Debate and Trial Structure,’ with Raymond Deneckere

·        ‘Signaling in Multiple Dimensions,’ with Raymond Deneckere

·        ‘Networks, Hubs and Competition in the Airline Industry,’ with Raymond Deneckere.

·        ‘Censorship and Sponsorship,’ with Timofyi Mylovanov

·        ‘Sequential Contracting with Endogenous Timing.’

·        ‘Competition and Network Structure,’  with Esteban Arcaute